Our site exists to promote the benefits of yoga and in particular, the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga.

Our principles comprise of Ayurveda, yoga and meditation. We are guided by the five-thousand year old teachings and utilize them in all aspects of our lives.

We aim to bring spirituality and tranquility into the lives of all our students and readers.

It does not matter whether you are highly flexible or of lower mobility, it is still possible for you to connect with your spirit and gain the benefits of yoga.

These are a profound sense of inner peace and serenity, as well the principles of karma.

Even if you are unable to participate in a class, it should still be possible for you to benefit from some study of yoga.

We have videos and online courses available, for our visitors to view and join in with.

Discover our step by step guides to achieving the various yoga positions and practice alongside our qualified instructors.

As well as our online resources, we run courses and classes in various local areas.

Available on our website are also a number of e-books and other materials, to help you discover more about yoga techniques and the theory behind them.

No matter what stage of life you are in, there is a yoga practice which is suitable for you.

Our programs go from childhood to ninety-nine years of age (and beyond!)

You are simply never too old to discover yoga and we believe that all can benefit from learning some simple techniques, to find tranquility within.

All our resources are free and available to all to download. We hope you stay on our site and discover more about yoga and how it can help you in your spiritual journey to wellness!