Creating a good relationship with food is not the same thing as going on a diet or watching what you eat.

In order to boost your spirituality, it is necessary to achieve peace with all aspects of your life and that includes your relationship with food.


Try and get into the habit of having a set time to eat in every day.

Give yourself the time to enjoy your food and don’t eat quickly, on the hop or just because the food is there.

You should eat because you are hungry and your body needs to eat at set times.

Also, you should stop eating outside of mealtimes or your designated snack hour.

This means you do not get sucked into mindless eating, or stuffing your face, simply because food is there.


Never use food as an emotional crutch. This means not reaching for the biscuits or chocolate, when something in your life goes wrong.

People who have good relationships with food tend not to eat when they are upset. When life gets emotional, they are more likely to skip a meal, rather than overeat.

Being emotional is not a great basis for your digestive system to get to work in, anyway.

Not sure about your eating habits? We would suggest keeping a diary of your food intake and also noting down your mood at the time of eating.

This way you will soon spot a pattern between your emotions and your nutritional intake.

When life challenges you, find a soothing herbal tea or light snack to put you on – don’t shove heavy or sweet treats down your gullet!


When you are invited to a social event where food is provided, keep the emphasis on the social and less on the food.

This may also be the case for dates and meals out.

Your priority should be socializing with the people whom you are with and less about stuffing your face with food.

This doesn’t mean starving, just not being consumed with food first!


Variety is the spice of life. Try more new things, but only in small quantities.

The emphasis is on “a bit”. You do not have to finish everything within a twenty mile radius. You don’t even have to finish everything on your plate.

Just try a little bit of everything that is on offer – it might surprise you!