China is ‘big winner’ of Russia-Ukraine war, previous FBI agent who labored in China warns

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China could emerge as the principal beneficiary of the Russia-Ukraine war, a former FBI specific agent who worked on China and North Korea informed WHD News Digital.

“Finally, China is the big winner in the Russia-Ukraine War,” Steve Gray, a former FBI particular agent who is operating for Congress in New Jersey’s 4th Congressional District, mentioned.

“They’ll be the most important beneficiary of the sanctions in opposition to Russia, the yen will advantage from the drop of the ruble, and they have been offered a situation analyze of what the world’s response would glance like if they have been to invade Taiwan.”


“It would not be shocking at all to understand that this is shaping up precisely as China planned,” Grey, who put in 10 yrs doing the job as a supervisory unique agent concentrated on China and North Korea, added.

Steve Gray explained why he says China gains the biggest advantage in the Russia-Ukraine war.

Steve Gray defined why he suggests China gains the biggest gain in the Russia-Ukraine war.

“From my practical experience as an FBI supervisory particular agent doing work on China and North Korea, I know that the Chinese Communist Bash is perpetually and patiently preparing to acquire our put as world-wide leaders,” he warned. “As Americans, we require to be cognizant of this risk.”

Grey argued that Russia’s strength method in Europe should suggestion Us citizens off to the way America’s overseas rivals “weaponize financial leverage strategically for geopolitical edge.”


Whilst European nations have joined the U.S. in imposing significant sanctions on Russia amid the Ukraine war, they have mostly spared Russia’s electrical power field of such economic warfare, simply because a lot of Europe is dependent on Russia for vitality. Similarly, China has moved to dominate significant industries like unusual-earth metals, earning attempts to isolate china economically far more challenging. The COVID-19 pandemic emphasised the degree to which America’s medical source chain relied on China.

Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2021.

Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2021.
(WHD Photo/Mark Schiefelbein, File)

“We need to understand that in the exact way Russia is utilizing its oil production to maintain Europe and, at least below Joe Biden, The united states beholden to them, China is in a position to similarly retain us beholden and limit our recourse to their world-wide aggression so long as we give them prospects to make us dependent upon them,” the former FBI agent added.

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“Appear at what Russia is in a position to do by creating oil dependence in Europe, and think about the ramifications if we cede the entirety of our steel and pharmaceutical manufacturing to China.”

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