Does penile frostbite materialize usually in wintertime sporting activities?

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A men’s cross-place skier competing in the 2022 Wintertime Olympics in Beijing suffered frostbite to his penis in the course of Saturday’s level of competition, in accordance to numerous reports. The 24-year-outdated Finnish skier, Remi Lindholm, battled brutal temperatures and robust winds for in excess of an hour racing in the shortened men’s 50km mass begin totally free race, leading to his penile location to freeze, Reuters claimed. 

The report reported this was the next time this has happened to Lindholm in his occupation. 

Remi Lindholm of Team Finland competes during the Men's Cross-Country Skiing 50km Mass Start Free on Day 15 of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics at The National Cross-Country Skiing Centre on February 19, 2022, in Zhangjiakou, China. The event distance has been shortened to 30k due to weather conditions.

Remi Lindholm of Crew Finland competes through the Men’s Cross-Place Snowboarding 50km Mass Get started Totally free on Day 15 of the Beijing 2022 Wintertime Olympics at The National Cross-Nation Skiing Centre on February 19, 2022, in Zhangjiakou, China. The function distance has been shortened to 30k due to temperature disorders.
(Lars Baron/Getty Photographs)

Immediately after the race, Lindholm explained he necessary a warmth pack to thaw out his genital region and explained to media “When the physique components commenced to heat up immediately after the complete, the ache was unbearable.”  

As WHD News documented, officials shortened the race from 50Km to 30Km and delayed the race to shield the rivals from opportunity frostbite owing to the wintertime components. The athletes wore their common slender suits that offered little protection from the brutal temperatures and wind, according to the report.  

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“You can guess which entire body element was a tiny bit frozen when I concluded (the men’s Olympic 50km race) … it was 1 of the worst competitions I’ve been in. It was just about battling by,” Lindholm reportedly explained to Finnish media. 

Remi Lindholm of Finland in action competes during the men´s 15km classic cross-country skiing during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics at The National Cross-Country Skiing Centre on February 11, 2022, in Zhangjiakou, China.

Remi Lindholm of Finland in motion competes during the men´s 15km vintage cross-region snowboarding through the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics at The Nationwide Cross-Region Snowboarding Centre on February 11, 2022, in Zhangjiakou, China.
(Zhangjiakou, China. (Image by Tom Weller/VOIGT/DeFodi Pictures by using Getty Images)

This was the 2nd time this has happened to the skier, which raised concerns amongst followers relating to how prevalent of an injury is this with winter season athletes.  

“Although frostbite is not quite prevalent, any athlete taking part in a cold-weather conditions outside sport can be at possibility. Some reports recommend that the risk may well be as superior as 20% for cross-nation snowboarding,” Dr. Barbara M Chubak, MD, an assistant professor of the office of urology at Icahn University of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, told WHD News.

Chubak was not familiar with the skier’s situation but explained to WHD News frostbite signs and symptoms change according to severity. “Frostnip, the skin feels cold/prickling and is purple in appearance, smooth to the touch. After rewarming, tissue returns to usual.” Chubak even more stated that in much more serious instances, as in superficial frostbite, the pores and skin will become pale and when rewarmed a stinging/burning feeling can come about adopted by blisters and inflammation that may well arise for numerous days. Dr. Chubak advised WHD News that in some significant situations of frostbite the pores and skin at 1st feels numb and appears white or grey, then soon after rewarming, significant blisters sort and tissues switch black and may perhaps die.

Dr. Jay T. Bishoff, MD, Director of Urology, Central Division, of Northwell Health’s The Smith Institute for Urology, in Lake Results, N.Y., was not part of the athlete’s medical workforce. He informed WHD News, “With extremely thin general performance athletic apparel worn in the course of aggressive skating, snowboarding and cross place snowboarding, they absence satisfactory insulation, exposing sure places of the groin vulnerable to frost chunk.”   


In scenarios of penile frostbite, skin harm can take place in that region, but it can generally recover itself the urologist told WHD News. The physician mentioned in worst-circumstance scenarios, often a skin graft would be required to protect the affected skin in that area.  

The medical professional stated to WHD News that people who do enjoy out of doors wintertime sports do not ordinarily practical experience this form of injuries. “These sort of accidents are really uncommon in most non-aggressive out of doors athletes since they ordinarily put on insulated apparel,” Bishoff told WHD News.  

“This location of the groin has a appreciably wholesome blood offer to the spot and is not vulnerable to frost chunk and thermal accidents.” Bishoff extra. 

The opening ceremony at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

The opening ceremony at the Beijing 2022 Wintertime Olympics.
(Getty Images)

In accordance to the American Academy of Dermatology, frostbite can occur when the pores and skin or the tissue beneath the pores and skin freezes immediately after being uncovered to chilly temperatures for a prolonged time period. Based on how very long and how frozen the tissue, “frostbite can result in intense, from time to time lasting, problems,” the organization’s internet site said.   

Medical professionals told WHD News, that frostbite is ordinarily preventable by protecting your pores and skin from chilly-weather specially when the temperature falls down below freezing.  Wellbeing professionals mentioned frostbite in the non-public locations is no various.  

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Bishoff pressured to WHD News that frostbite of the penis can be prevented with hotter, insulated layers. The urologist instructed, “In future wintertime international video games, coaches and trainers need to have to be far more attuned to prevent this variety of possible personal injury, with use of extra insulated layers to the groin.” 

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