“Everything at United has remained the same as when I left, and in the dressing room only three teammates give 100 percent”

Honestly, it was close to coming in Manchester City. But I have a history at United, heart made a difference as did Sir Alex Ferguson. He was key, and the feeling was great when I came back. An unforgettable day. I thought everything had changed, and then I was unpleasantly surprised, a Portuguese footballer started at Piers Morgan Cristiano Ronaldo (37).

After teasera of the interview that stirred up the public, the British media also published a sequel in which the Portuguese continued to fire at almost certainly his former club.

– Everything remained the same, but I was surprised by the instability in the club. It’s as if time has stopped. When I saw that they had brought Varane, Sancho and me, I thought things would change. But when Sir Alex left, a big hole was left. That is, a ten-year gap. I played at Real Madrid and Juventus who followed the trends in everything – technology, training, nutrition, recovery, and United are behind it. In my opinion, they should be at the top – Ronaldo continued his ‘fire’.

He pointed out that he never saw former coach Ralf Rangnick as a ‘boss’, even though he respected him.

– He didn’t know what he was doing, but he didn’t know anything about the club. That surprised me, if you’ve already sacked Solskjaer, then you should bring in a top manager, not a sporting director.

He pointed out that the young generation has a lot of distractions from football, unlike when he was moving to the top level. And that he doesn’t want to give advice because he himself is an example.

He also touched on the death of his son Angelo.

Photo: Reuters

– We returned home, and the children asked where the baby was. I explained things to my oldest son and he understood. We cried together in the room, and he told me that he wasn’t sure he understood, that he was confused. The children then questioned a lot, and then we told them that Angel had gone to heaven. I didn’t want to lie to the kids, it was hard. His ashes are with me, something I want to keep with me and not leave somewhere. I have a small chapel and my father and son are there.

He did not expect so much support during that difficult time, and he emphasized that he was not thinking about more children. He returned to the field, and his partner Georgina helped him greatly in this, with whom he is not thinking about marriage yet, but says that she certainly deserves it in the future. And he has 37 years on his back and has had to deal with a lot of criticism lately.

– People don’t like to see successful people. Tried to bring only negatives in the last five months, not only for me. It’s a bit hard to listen to, but I’ve been at the top for 21 years so I know how to deal with it. I believe that jealousy is a part of everything, and I care about the people who love me. I’m not wasting time. As for the newspaper articles? Garbage.

He was also criticized by the legends of the club, namely former teammates Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville.

– Six months ago, Wayne called my son to his children before criticizing me. I don’t understand people like that, if they want to be on the cover or whatever. Maybe because he finished his career in his thirties, and I’m still playing at the top level. They are not my friends – explained Ronaldo and concluded about his current teammates:

– Dalot, Lisandro and Casemiro. That trio gives 100% in the United shirt.

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