Four victims of Russian rocket fire in Kherson, Ukrainians without electricity

At least four people were killed and ten wounded Thursday in Russian rocket fire on Kherson, from which Russian forces withdrew two weeks ago, the governor of the region in Ukraine, which is largely without electricity and water, said a day after numerous Russian attacks on energy infrastructure.

– The Russian occupiers opened fire on the residential quarter from multi-barreled rocket launchers. A large building caught fire – Yaroslav Yanuchevich, the head of the Kherson military administration, wrote on Telegram.

Much of Ukraine, especially the capital Kyiv, was without power and water on Thursday, a day after another fierce Russian attack on energy infrastructure, which Western allies described as a “war crime” as winter approaches.

Exactly nine months since the start of the Russian invasion, millions of Ukrainians spent Thursday without electricity or heating.

In Kiev, where freezing rain fell on top of snow and temperatures were close to zero, about 70 percent of the population remained without electricity, and the water supply is returning to normal, the city administration said.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the Ukrainian capital was not the target of Russian attacks, accusing Ukrainian air defenses of being responsible for the damage in Kiev.

In the rest of Ukraine, large parts remained without electricity, but the connection of important infrastructure to the grid is gradually continuing.

In Kharkiv, the country’s second-largest city, not far from the border with Russia, supplies are returning to normal after “very hard” work, Mayor Igor Terehov said.

Russian rocket fire continued, and in addition to victims and wounded in Kherson in the south, there were also victims in Vyshhorod, near Kiev, where six people were killed and 30 were wounded.

On Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in his address to the UN Security Council via video link, condemned the “crime against humanity” because “with temperatures below zero, millions of people are left without energy, heating and water.”

As announced by the Ministry of Energy, these rocket attacks on Wednesday left “a large majority of consumers” without electricity in Ukraine, which had about 40 million inhabitants before the Russian invasion on the 24th.

On Wednesday, Russia fired about 70 cruise missiles at Ukraine, 51 of which were shot down, according to Kiev. The target of these strikes was an important energy infrastructure that had already been damaged in similar rocket campaigns.

The Ukrainian military intelligence service estimated on Thursday that Russia “needs about a week” to prepare new mass strikes.

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