Live View AR search is now available on Google Maps for iOS and Android

A new set of updates for Google’s satellite mapping service, Maps, for Android and iOS devices is now available, including Live View, which gives users a fully immersive augmented reality (AR) experience of their surroundings.

A number of capabilities, including the multiple search “Near me,” photorealistic aerial views of tourist destinations across the world, and rotating 3D objects for shopping, were revealed by the firm at the end of September last year.

Three of these upgrades will now be implemented on “smartphones,” according to the technology firm, who originally mentioned Live View. Using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, this feature now enables you to study the context surrounding users and create an augmented reality (AR) visual experience.

In this way, consumers may use their mobile devices to identify the businesses in their immediate vicinity and even identify those that are hidden from view so they can see where they are at a glance.

This AR search tool provides categories of businesses (including bars, parks, and shops) and integrates overlapping information with data such as openness and pricing range.

According to Google, consumers will be able to access this experience starting next week on Android and iOS devices in London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Tokyo.

On the other hand, Google has announced the release of a feature targeted at owners of electric vehicles, as it provides information on the closest charging stations in real time.

This tool incorporates a filter to locate those that have a specified type of plug or charger of a certain wattage. In nations with these kinds of charging stations, these features are accessible on both operating systems.

In conclusion, Google has mentioned that it has expanded the availability of a feature called “Accessible locations” that was first announced in 2020 but was previously only accessible in Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

This feature indicates whether a location is accessible to people with special needs by the use of a wheelchair symbol and permits interior mobility in these mobility devices.

You can use it to find out if the place offers parking, restrooms, or seating that is accessible. They will be able to determine, for example, if your property has stairs or not, owing to the information provided by the business owners in this manner.

Users may add to the “About” section by selecting the “Edit features” option if the company does not have precise information about their position.

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