Russia-Ukraine war: The tale at the rear of viral picture of Ukrainian ambassador with samurai sword

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Ambassador of Ukraine to Japan Dr. Sergiy Korsunsky was photographed in regular samurai armor through the run-up to the ongoing Russian invasion of his property place.

Subsequent his picture shoot, social media went wild with speculation, rumors and misinformation about the images. WHD News Electronic reached out to the Ukrainian embassy to hear the story from the ambassador’s business alone.

The most commonly shared (but bogus) claim about the picture is that Korsunsky serves as the Japanese ambassador to the Ukraine. Some social media end users speculated that “his good-grandfather’s samurai sword and conventional armor was shipped to him from Tokyo, Japan. In a FB put up, he declared that the samurai will have to secure the nation in which he is!”


The ambassador and his staff members are mindful of the picture. They even tried environment the history straight numerous periods, but finally the misinformation proved overwhelming and they gave up, officers explained to WHD News Electronic. 

“We know about this phony, but we shed endurance conveying who is who,” Korsunsky informed WHD News in an special interview.

On the other hand, the actuality of the ambassador’s gesture is as compelling as the fictions spun all over his image.

“This armor was presented by samurai artist Tetsuro Shimaguchi. He is a pal of Ukraine and close friend of [mine],” he continued. “It was a cultural project to place on total, genuine armor to experience how Japanese warriors were experience by themselves in a battle.”

The samurai picture shoot was not initially meant to be a rallying cry for assist in the Ukraine. Even so, he explained, “When Russia began threatening Ukraine, [I] resolved to make an enchantment to Japanese individuals who recall what the bushido spirit is. It was a uncomplicated information pretty well acquired by Japan.”

Beneath the country’s present constitution, Japan is not allowed to have a standing military. Japanese soldiers are minimal to a little but skilled “Self-Defense Force” that is dedicated to preserving the island from international powers.

“There are persons who are serious warriors by character,” Korsunsky reported. “We do not feel that samurai spirit is dead in Japan, it is a portion of the historic heritage. Shimaguchi-sencei is section of the attempts to renew those people traditions.”

The constitution of Japan was drafted in English and then translated into Japanese by a staff of U.S. legal experts soon after the shut of World War II. The Allied forces had been the authors of Posting 9 – the clause that prevents Japan from raising a right military or declaring war.

The Japanese public is divided on the issue – the island has been a pacifist nation considering that the conclude of their empire, and some want to keep it that way. Customers of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Occasion, nonetheless, have been vocal supporters of eliminating the ban on navy and rearming the nation.

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Korsunsky refused to offer his impression of the Japanese armed service query, saying Ukraine has no small business telling Japan what to do.

“We are not in a situation to suggest the Federal government of Japan. Japan is a gentle superpower, pretty revered and loved in the location and in Ukraine,” Korsunsky instructed WHD News. “Japan has its have difficulties with Russia (Northern Territories) and China (Senkaku islands).”

Korsunsky presented a straightforward assertion to the world on the unfolding invasion of his property place, thanking the Japanese and urging other nations to thrust back again towards Russia.

“This is a brutal invasion,” he explained, “unprovoked and cynical and the planet should condemn Russia and Putin. Japan supports Ukraine and we are extremely grateful for that. “

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