STOCK EXCHANGE: A news-rich day ended with a fall in Helsinki – Pajuharju moves to Kamux, investment companies that published their interim reports rose

On Thursday, the general index describing the price development of shares in the Helsinki Stock Exchange fell by 1.1 percent compared to yesterday’s closing reading. The index ended at 10,796 points.

Stock markets fell in different parts of the world due to, among other things, comments from representatives of the US central bank in favor of raising interest rates.

Manufacturer of sauna and spa products Rarely announced the CEO Tapio Pajuharjun resigned. He switches to selling used cars Kamuxin CEO, but will continue in his current role until the end of May next year.

CEO of Kamux Juha Kalliokoski decided to leave his position. The shareholders’ nomination committee will propose him as a member of the board at next year’s general meeting.

Harvia’s share slipped 2.2 percent to 18.94 euros and Kamux’s share fell 3.1 percent to 5.27 euros.

Digia issued a profit warning

Among the hardest skiers of the day was Digital With a decrease of 5.8 percent to 6.37 euros. The management of the software company estimates that its operating profit margin will be 9-10 percent this year, while earlier it was estimated to be more than ten percent.

Analysis house Inderes the share fell 7.1 percent to 28.80 euros without company-specific news. Fiber manufacturer Spinnova plunged 7.4 percent to 6.68 euros without news stimuli.

Spinnova’s stock has risen sharply in recent days. On Monday of last week, the share ended up at 4.10 euros, and on Tuesday of this week, the price of the share was 8.00 euros.

There was no news about the development of Spinnova’s business, but Time magazine had put the company on the list of the best innovations of 2022 on Wednesday.

They took hard climbs Innofactor (5.3 percent), Nurminen Logistics (4.9 percent) and Nanoform (4.8 percent).

A software company was also among the biggest risers Hedgehog Solutions and a seller of motor sports equipment duel: Siili rose 4.7 percent to 14.55 euros and Duell 4.1 percent to 2.15 euros.

Analysis house Inderes raised Siili’s recommendation to buy level from reduce level and reiterated the target price of 17.50 euros. On Wednesday, Inderes added Duell to its model portfolio with a weight of about four percent. At that time, Duell’s share already rose by about 5.0 percent.

Shares of earnings publishers rose

Housing investment company Housing portfolio made a realized profit of 2.3 million euros in July-September with a turnover of 7.6 million euros. The net rental income was 5.4 million euros. The numbers improved from a year ago.

The company’s fiscal year ended in September, and the company announced a dividend of EUR 2.10 per share to be paid in six installments. The share rose 0.9 percent to 113.00 euros.

Real estate investment company ovaron operative profit increased to half a million euros in July-September from 0.2 million euros a year ago. The share rose 2.4 percent to 2.94 euros.

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