They cut off a covert connection where a cryptocurrency farm was operating

According to the Edelap firm, the amount of energy stolen was enough to power 200 homes.

Personnel from the Edelap company discovered the operation of a cryptocurrency farm concealed behind a gym that acted as a facade on Avenue 520 between Numbers 137 and 138 (San Carlos area, La Plata) through a covert three-phase connection.

The theft of energy from the property is thought to total more than 50,000 kWh per month, which is more than 200 normal homes’ worth of consumption, according to reports. The finding was found during one of the company’s routine procedures.

Energy theft, in all of its forms, results in excessive unrecorded consumption that overloads power lines, destroys them, and lowers the level of service received by nearby users who are properly connected. It also causes voltage issues or cuts as a result of inappropriate handling of the power lines. networks.

According to the information provided, Edelap consistently engages in “anti-fraud actions to identify and dismantle illegal connections that affect the quality of service that users receive, in which the existence of energy theft is proven through the use of a document and the appropriate criminal complaints are filed.”

The business will then proceed to bill the offending user for any illegally consumed energy together with the associated fines outlined in the Supply and Connection Regulations. The owner of the property and others who volunteered their services to establish the covert link will also be legally denounced.

Theft of energy is a felony that carries a maximum six-year prison sentence, endangers the lives of those handling it and other people, and lowers the standard of the electrical service.

Call 0800 222 3335 anytime, free of charge, to report an offer of this sort of tactic or an instance of energy theft.

Users can contact customer support by phone Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 0810 222 3335, or they can use the “my shifts” option in the Virtual Office to request a service shift at Edelap Te Llama.

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