Instructor jokes about lubricant with college students, district says termination much too ‘extreme’

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A Washington state teacher has gained a “letter of reprimand” soon after producing sexually suggestive jokes with learners in the course of course, but the administration has declined to terminate the educator, indicating this sort of punishment would be too “excessive.”

Casey Anderson, a teacher in the Anacortes School District, posted to social media an exchange she had with learners about the novelty “cat butt” tissue dispenser in her classroom. Anderson described using Vaseline to load tissues into the dispenser. 

“The Anacortes Faculty District has done an investigation involving the significant university teacher’s dialogue in class and subsequent social media article about the dialogue,” Anacortes Faculty District Superintendent Justin Irish advised WHD News. “The two the publish and the dialogue were inappropriate and not tolerated by the district. The teacher admitted the conduct and has been cooperative with the investigation.”

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Anderson explained the interaction on Fb as a “latest entry” into “Points Ms. Anderson Will Hear About From HR.”

“So in my space (picture hooked up) I have a cat butt tissue dispenser. At present, the dispenser is out of tissues. A university student observed this and asked, ‘How do you refill it?’ I pause for a minute, then notify my course, ‘I transform down the lights, place on some tender tunes, and use a Lot of vasoline,'” Anderson wrote on Fb.

A container of Vaseline brand petroleum jelly.

A container of Vaseline brand petroleum jelly.
(Gado/Getty Images)

Anderson went on to recount instructing students to retrieve a jar of petroleum jelly, usually utilised as a sexual lubricant, from the classroom closet.

“I may perhaps have them retrieved [sic] a significant container of petroleum jelly I experienced in my closet (for…reasons…) and placed it ideal by the cat,” Anderson continued. “Class took a change right after that.”

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“The trainer received a formal letter of reprimand. On the continuum of doable repercussions of progressive discipline, this is an escalated reaction,” Irish advised WHD News. 

“While this perform is regarding, it does not merit such an excessive end result as termination. The district achieved its choice in consultation with legal counsel, the teacher’s union and applicable state rules. The district expects all staff members to adhere to specialist requirements and will keep on to work with all staff members to make sure that those requirements are satisfied.”

The social media posts went viral after currently being posted to the extensively followed Twitter account Libs of Tik Tok, which boasts over 500,000 followers.

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