Croatia: He appeared on the present on Osijek Television and explained that the Jews were to blame for hating them. The leader was silent

Yesterday, the Day of the Anti-Fascist Wrestle was marked in Croatia in memory of the founding of the Initially Sisak Partisan Detachment.

It was launched by Franjo Tudjman, who believed that the Yugoslav authorities had been intentionally ignoring the reality that the very first partisan detachment in Yugoslavia had gathered in Croatia, around Sisak, on June 22, 1941.

Yesterday, there was a Tv set replica exhibit on Osijek Television hosted by Filip Kuštro. The subject of the exhibit was ‘Are you celebrating Anti-Fascist Wrestle Day?’. In the 22nd minute of the display, a male appeared who explained to the host that he was born in 1949 and that he only taught lies at university.

So he accused the Jews of being responsible of the Holocaust themselves.

– I hope that the leader will occur again to abolish that anti-fascist working day as a national getaway. I went to Germany in 1970 simply because I couldn’t get a task here. And which is exactly where I satisfied these Germans. The Germans were not all Nazis and fascists. I am quite sorry for what took place to the Jews, but a lot of of them, lots of of them, drew hatred on on their own and then the individuals started to detest them for their habits, greed and usury – said the viewer and complained that as HDZ- the sheep could not get a work from the beginning simply because of ‘Sjepan’s communists’.

Watch the show

‘Thank you for calling’

The host of the present, Filip Kuštro, did not react to the aspect of the presentation about the Jews ‘who are to blame for hating them’. He did not even test to alert or interrupt the viewer, and they didn’t respond from the route either.

The viewer also talked about his son, who he stated was 2 times the vice president of the HDZ youth, and in the total story about anti-fascism he somehow managed to force the late Milan Bandić, a multiple USKOK defendant, whom he claimed Bandić would not conclude up in. prison that he was not an opponent of Ivo Josipović.

– Thank you incredibly substantially for your invitation, great greetings and pleasant relaxation of the working day – the host informed him.

We contacted Osijek Television set and asked how they commented on the aspect from yesterday’s display and why the host or somebody from the director did not halt the presentation of the man who concluded that the Jews were to blame for the Holocaust.

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