Has the census details been compromised? Facts about faith and Serbs is questionable

On Thursday, the Point out Bureau of Stats revealed details on the framework of the population in Croatia for the calendar year 2021 on its site. There was no push meeting, and two tables with unique details raised suspicions, writes N1.

In two distinctive published tables with data on religion, there are unique details for the share of Catholics in Croatia. In accordance to a single, less than 80 % are Catholics, according to the other, more than 83 percent are Catholics, and this elevated suspicions that the facts experienced been compromised.

Also, the amount of citizens who declared by themselves as other Christians (and experienced the option of Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant) in 2021 is 200,000, while at the past inhabitants census there ended up 12,000. The amount of Catholics fell to 78.97 p.c, i.e. 7.31 p.c much less than in the prior census. It turns out that the number of “other Christians” enhanced by 1342.5 p.c considering the fact that the very last census, that is, a massive quantity of Catholics ended up on that listing.

There was an outstanding confusion with the numbers, and the culprit may well be the census variety, which experienced only two inquiries for religion – selection 19 questioned about religion, and amount 20 requested about belonging to a spiritual local community. Any individual who answered the initially problem, for example, that he is a Christian, and the next that he belongs to the Catholic Church, would conclusion up amid “other Christians”, writes Večernji. In buy for the CBS to rely him as a Catholic, the citizen ought to write in the 1st column that he is a Catholic, and in the next column that he belongs to the Catholic Church.

The root of the confusion ought to lie in the census variety, but also in the truth that close to 40 % of individuals self-registered, so it might not have been clear to them how to fill out the variety. Also, the full mess could have been averted. On the census kind from 2011, the solutions “Catholic” (following to which there was a cross for Catholics) and “other” (subsequent to which there was an selection – generate which just one) and the pursuing two: “is not a believer” and “does not declare” are obviously obvious. . Which is how it was regarded accurately how quite a few Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, Muslims, Jews, atheists, agnostics there are in Croatia…

Info on the variety of Serbs in Vukovar are also questionable. In the 2011 census, there had been 35 percent of them, and in accordance to this one from 2021, the selection of Serbs in Vukovar is fewer than 30 per cent.

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