In Britain they claim: Prince Andrew and Princess Diana conspired jointly versus Charles

“Game of Thrones” United kingdom edition: According to studies in the British Kingdom revealed this early morning (Thursday), Charles’ brother, Prince Andrew, strove to oust his brother and even secretly prepared how to do it with Princess Diana and his ex-wife – Sarah Ferguson. In accordance to experiences, the new heir to the throne was to be Prince William.

In accordance to the report, which is dependent on a new autobiographical book by Angela Levin about the existence of Camilla, Britain’s new queen consort, Andrew pressured his mother to depose Charles and opposed his relationship to Camilla on the grounds that the meant bride was “untrustworthy”.

Prince Andrew (Photograph: Reuters)

As talked about, the new heir to the throne was supposed to be Prince William, when if Queen Elizabeth II had handed absent before William arrived at adulthood, Andrew would have develop into the regent of Fantastic Britain. The writer Levin cited in her ebook ‘a senior associate’ which she claims is the supply of the report.

In accordance to her, the source mentioned that “when Diana was alive, her friendship with Sarah Ferguson led to a plot from Charles during William’s youth. Regrettably for them, Andrew’s conduct was exceptionally detrimental and unpleasant for the Queen and so she refused. His anger burned in him that he could not to choose electric power and he remained hostile to Camila throughout the a long time.”

Regarding his opposition to his brother’s marriage with Camilla, the source claimed that “Andrew tried out to get the queen to terminate the engagement and avert the wedding. He was really toxic with his phrases toward her.”

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