Russia statements Ukraine ‘saturated’ with weapons of mass destruction

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A Soviet era monument to a friendship involving Ukrainian and Russian nations is viewed through its demolition, amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, in central Kyiv, Ukraine, Tuesday, April 26, 2022. (WHD Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)

Russia claims Ukraine ‘saturated’ with weapons of mass destruction

Misty Severi

April 26, 05:26 PM April 26, 05:26 PM

Russia promises Ukraine is “saturated” with catastrophic armaments as a rationale to carry on its two-month invasion of its neighboring country and a former member of the Soviet Union.

Secretary of the Russian Protection Council Nikolai Patrushev elevated the allegations that Kyiv is making a broad array of weapons of mass destruction despite a lack of proof to present to the environment.

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“The will need for demilitarization is thanks to the fact that Ukraine, saturated with weapons, poses a menace to Russia, like from the stage of view of the development and use of nuclear, chemical and organic weapons,” Patrushev reported on Tuesday, in accordance to Russian news businesses.


Before this week, Russian Overseas Minister Sergey Lavrov explained to reporters the menace of nuclear war is serious and need to not be underestimated.

Russia is believed to have hundreds of nuclear warheads, even though Ukraine, soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union, gave up all its nuclear weapons in a 1994 offer in which the United States, the United Kingdom, and Russia certain its basic safety. Even though Russian President Vladimir Putin has knowledgeable setbacks all through his invasion of Ukraine, his forces have outstanding armed service might. The U.S. and its allies are giving a constant move of billions of dollars of navy support to Ukraine to support its forces protect their nation, but they have not sent troops into Ukraine for dread of escalation.

When there have been assertions on the Russian side that Ukraine is developing nuclear weapons, the United Nations’s nuclear watchdog has insisted there is no proof to aid the assert. Ukrainian Overseas Minister Dymtro Kuleba argued Lavrov was making an attempt to “scare the globe off supporting Ukraine” after a series of military failures in Russia’s invasion, in accordance to WHD News.

U.S. Protection Secretary Lloyd Austin reported he does not believe that the invasion will finish in a nuclear war but observed the escalating rhetoric is unproductive.

“You know, we have said above and around yet again that a nuclear war are not able to be received by possibly side. And so I imagine saber-rattling and rhetoric like that is just unhelpful,” Austin said, in accordance to the Hill. “[However] Ukraine has a correct to protect by itself. And we’re likely to go on to assist Ukraine.”

Western intelligence officials have warned that Russia could use nuclear weapons in Ukraine soon after the Kremlin put its nuclear arsenal on heightened warn. Lavrov mentioned last 7 days that Russia will use “traditional weapons only.”

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