Wall Street rebound: NASDAQ jumps 3%, Tesla jumps 11%

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Gold Locked Stably: A contract for August delivery was down 0.1%, at $ 1.8, to $ 1,838.8 an ounce.


In technology-giant stocks, Google shares are up 4.5%, Apple is up 3.3%, Microsoft is up 2.5% and Amazon is up 2%.

Despite the jump in NASDAQ, not all technology stocks are up: At the bottom of the JD.COM index, it is down 4% and Meta and Netflix are losing more than 2% each.

Novakatis shares soared 14% after the Israeli biotech company announced that it had received FDA approval for a Phase 1 clinical trial of the experimental drug NXP800.


European stock markets closed on a positive trend: in Frankfurt, the DAX was up 0.2%, in London the Potassium 100 was up 0.6% and in Paris Cuck 40 it was up 0.7%. The All-European Stokes 600 Index added 0.4%.


Among Israelis, Rada drops 2.8% after the announcement of its acquisition, Zim rises 2.2%, Iron Source jumps 4% and so does Tufin. RV Robotics drops 2%.


Rises strengthen: NASDAQ jumps 3%, S&P 500 up 2.4% and Dow Jones up 1.7%.

Macro USA: Sales of existing homes fell 3.4% in May to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.41 million housing units. This is the fourth month in a row that there has been a decline.

Sales were 8.6% lower than in May 2021. At the end of May there were 1.16 million homes for sale, an increase of 12.6% compared to the previous month, but a decrease of 4.1% from May 2021. At the current sales rate it is 2.6 months and low inventory continues to push up prices brings up. The median price in May was $ 407,600, an increase of 4.8% over May last year. This is the highest price since brokers began tracking the figure in the late 1980s.


Rebound in New York after a long weekend: the Nasdaq index jumped 1.7%, the Dow Jones rose 1.3% and the S&P 500 rose 1.6%. Last week was the worst week in two years and yesterday there was no trading on Labor Day.

Among the stocks that focus interest, Tesla Jumps 5.8%, Anvidia Increases 5.2%, Dark Jumps more than 3%, visa Costs 3%, JP Morgan Chase Advanced 2.9% andmisfortune Costs 2.8%.

In the commodity arena, Brent oil is up about 1% and trades around $ 115 a barrel, WTI oil jumps 1.9% and trades around $ 110 a barrel. Gold weakened 0.2% to about $ 1,837 an ounce.


Positive trend in Europe. Major stock indices are climbing at rates of up to 1.4%. Trades on U.S. stock market indices are up 2% -1.6%.

The technology company for online commerce Global-E Makes another acquisition, about six months after completing its acquisition of American Flow. The time being acquired is Borderfree, which, like Global Island itself, provides cross-border e-commerce technology solutions. The scope of the purchase is $ 100 million in cash, with the seller in the transaction being Pitney Bowes, which in 2015 acquired Borderfree for about $ 450 million. Pitney Boz is a company that provides technological, logistical and financial solutions related to the field of shipping, mail and online commerce. The deal also includes a strategic cooperation agreement between Global-E and Pitney Boz, under which Pitney Boz will provide logistics services to Global-E and its customers, and will receive from Global-E access to its platform for its customers. According to Global-E, the acquisition and collaboration will strengthen Global-E’s range of solutions for large organizations, and the two companies will benefit from the combination of capabilities.

A sharp escalation in rhetoric has been recorded in recent hours in a rolling conflict between Russia and Lithuania over the passage of goods through the Baltic state to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. Russia has accused Lithuania of an “unprecedented” move in preventing the passage of certain goods on the EU sanctions list on trains passing from Russia to Kaliningrad. Lithuania and the European Union have said that this is part of the enforcement of sanctions. Russia has blamed Lithuania and Western countries for a “siege” on Kaliningrad, which lies on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

This is a supply of current goods flowing from Russia to the enclave area via freight trains. Because it includes steel and iron products – banned from importing into the EU starting this week under sanctions imposed against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine – Lithuanian authorities have made it clear that they will not allow the passage of certain goods. The Lithuanian Foreign Minister estimated that the sanctions are valid for about half of the Russian shipments. Russia said in response that the Lithuanian move was “unprecedented” and the Russian Foreign Ministry made it clear that the country “reserves the right to respond in order to protect national interests”.


Positive trend in Europe. Major stock indices are climbing at rates of up to 1.8%. Trades on U.S. stock market indices are up 2% -1.6%.

Leonardo shares are up 6% after the Italian company announced that it will merge into its US subsidiary, DRS, the Israeli Rada in a share transaction at the end of which Rada’s existing shareholders will hold 19.5% of the merged company. The transaction will be completed in the last quarter of 2022 For approvals, and the merged company will continue to be traded on the NASDAQ and Tel Aviv stock exchanges on which Rada is currently traded. The deal reflects a 34% premium per share Rada On the last trading day and of about 20% on the price in the last month, so that the value of the deal reaches about $ 775 million.


The trading day on the European stock exchanges opened in a positive trend and the major stock indices climbed by up to 1%. Trading in US stock market indices is up 1.4% -1.1%.

In Tokyo, trading closed with a 1.8% rise in the Nikkei index.

The yield on 10-year US government bonds rose 3 basis points to 3.27% and the dollar weakened slightly.

In the crypto arena, Bitcoin is trading today with an increase of more than 4% around $ 21,000. Etherium, too, is now trading in a positive trend around $ 1,150


Asian stock markets are trading in a positive trend today. In Tokyo, the Nikkei is up more than 2%, while the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is up 1.4%.

In New York, they will return to activity today, after no trading took place on Wall Street yesterday on the occasion of “Laboratory Release” Day. Trading in US stock market indices is up 1.4% -1.7%.

In the crypto arena, Bitcoin is trading daily at a 2% increase of around $ 20,500. Etherium, too, is now trading in a positive trend around $ 1,120.

In the commodities segment, oil contracts are trading up 1% -1.7%. A August contract for Brent crude traded at $ 115.3 a barrel. Gold is trading steadily.

The yield on 10-year US government bonds rose by 4 basis points to a level of 3.28% and the dollar weakened at slight rates of 0.1% -0.2% against major currencies.

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