Who is to blame for the deaths of 15 million mink in Denmark?

In Denmark, there is currently a dispute above the killing of 15 million mink due to the fact of a feasible corona mutation. A individual commission is investigating Key Minister Mette Frederiksen’s actions.

By Jens Matters

“I have no intention of resigning as Key Minister!”

With these phrases, Danish Key Minister Mette Frederiksen dismissed doable speculation about the mink affair on Friday. On Thursday, the “Mink Investigation Committee” in Copenhagen came to its very long-awaited evaluation: The head of government’s instruction on November 4, 2020 to have all minks (American mink) killed in Denmark was “grossly deceptive and plainly illegal”. been.

Nevertheless, Frederiksen was not knowledgeable of the illegality. Ignorance shields against punishment in the condition of Denmark – at least this could use to Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. Back again in November 2020, the mink scandal shook the authorities. Due to the fact a mutation of the coronavirus was transmitted from mink to individuals on Jutland mink farms, Danish researchers from the Danish Point out Institute for Serenology (SSI) believed that this mutant would be much less sensitive to antibodies.

Concern of next Wuhan

Terrible ideas of a 2nd Wuhan made the rounds in Denmark. However, the final decision to have the about 15 million American mink “culled” was illegal, as it turned out a couple of times later. Mainly because healthful mink can only be killed if they are inside a 7.8 km radius of infected animals. Frederiksen is also accused of formally recognizing of the illegality of the act on November 8, but not officially admitting the mistake right up until November 12. The mink killing continued.

She also deleted her SMS from the explained time. Frederiksen, who has governed given that 2019, is recognized for employing conclusions in a somewhat resolute way. So significantly, when challenges occur in the mink scandal, companions of the Prime Minister have resigned, together with Agriculture Minister Morgens Jensen, who took the consequences as a “loyal occasion soldier”. The fee did not remedy the essential concern of irrespective of whether Frederiksen acted “grossly negligent”.

criticism from the opposition

If this ended up the scenario, she would have to be punished below Danish law, which would indicate that the social democrat would no for a longer time be tenable as head of authorities. The actuality that the committee experienced avoided an evaluation in this article upsets some of the opposition and the media reps it is also not obvious how the ignorance of the politician can be verified.

A parliamentary vast majority would be required to get a authorized committee to issue a verdict and carry Frederiksen to justice. So much, the get-togethers have not nevertheless agreed on this. In addition, reading the review is fairly extensive at 1,649 web pages. An complete marketplace was wiped out with the selection, Denmark was the world’s primary fur provider of mink.

Denmark was the world’s primary fur supplier of mink.

The breeders had been awarded the equivalent of 2.5 billion euros in compensation from the state. The sight of the mass burial of the animals by excavators went about the environment – and as soon as yet again raised the concern of the usefulness of fur farms.

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